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Notepad Printing - Ways To Use Custom Printed Notepads To Market Your Business

Notepad Printing - Ways To Use Custom Printed Notepads To Market Your Business

The old-fashioned notepad is a very good item to use both for your business and marketing needs for your company. After all, even with all of the computers and technology that we have today, sometimes there is no replacement for being able to scribble something on a piece of paper (like a notepad). This is why a notepad is such a great way to market yourself.

By providing a complimentary notepad to your customers, you are able to promote yourself by giving a gift to your clients. Usually, the client is going to be pleased to have a notepad; it means that they have to buy that much less paper or notepads. Also, the customer is probably going to use the product to write many notes, and those notes could well end up in the hands of other people. This is a very effective and inexpensive way to market your firm.

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Here are some beneficial ways to use custom printed notepads to market your company:

Provide Custom Printed Notepads To Your Employees

First, consider providing your employees with a good stock of notepads that they can use both inside and outside of the office. Using these notepads outside of the office means that your message is going to be distributed outside of the workplace. Of course, you should be sure that your notepad is designed well. It should have your logo, company name and contact information, but there should be plenty of room left over for people to write notes.

Use Effective Designs On Your Custom Printed Notepads

Also consider, if you are using your notepads to give to employees for their personal use, to pay close attention to the design. You should try to put some good color on the notepad. You can do this with pictures or a font, or you can add a few colors to the paper. The more creative your design, the more chance that someone will notice your notepad and reach for it when they need to jot something down.

Create Custom Printed "To-Do List" Notepads

Another fine way to use a notepad to get the name of your company out there is to make a 'to do' list notepad. Everyone needs to write a list at some point. You can print your notepads on lined paper with numbers next to each line. You also can put To Do List on the top of the notepad pages with your company contact information. People love to receive a free, helpful gift, and there is nothing that is more useful than a notepad that is made to be a 'to do' list.

Use Magnets On The Back Of Custom Printed Notepads

Also, think about putting a magnet on the back of your notepad. This way, you can encourage your customers to put the notepad on their fridge. And, you can put adhesive on the top of each piece of note paper, so that it will stick to the surface. This way your customers can stick the note onto things and use them to remind themselves of something.

If you use notepads in some or all of the ways described above, you should reap significant marketing dividends.

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